Therapeutic Riding focuses on teaching the participant riding skills while adapting the
skills to whatever level is safe and most beneficial for each individual. Our staff of
certified therapeutic riding instructors are specially trained to work with individuals with
special needs and maintain a high standard of safety while also helping the participant to
further their riding goals. While therapeutic riding focuses on teaching riding skills, other
documented benefits include improved gross and fine motor skills, social skills, improved
balanced, core strength and communication skills.



Interactive Vaulting is a group activity that utilizes the group environment to work on
social cues and teamwork while also teaching empathy and respect for the horse,
building confidence and learning equestrian vaulting movements. These movements can
be as basic as sitting on the horse to as advanced as standing or doing a click or scissors
on the horse. Interactive Vaulting lessons can have up to 6 participants in a 1-1.5 hour
lesson, are taught by a certified interactive vaulting instructor and work in partnership with
a horse specially trained in vaulting. To participate in interactive vaulting, participants
need to be able to walk/run without assistance and follow simple instructions in order to
be able to stay safe and thrive in this high energy and exciting atmosphere.



Ground School lessons focus on learning ground-based horsemanship skills and are
ideal for participants who may not be suited for mounted activities. These lessons utilize
an 18 skills badge/certificate curriculum and offer skills from as basic as grooming and
leading to as advanced as lunging, round penning and horse desensitization. Ground
School lessons are a great way to further your knowledge in different training techniques,
as well as develop a strong partnership with the horse.

equine services for heroes

The purpose of our Equine Services for Heroes program is to provide veterans and active duty service members with the opportunity to learn and practice horsemanship skills through both our therapeutic riding and ground school programs. Some documented benefits in participants in an Equine Services for Heroes program included lowered symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, stress and depression, as well as a more positive outlook on life.

healing with


Healing with Horses cancer survivors group is a program done in partnership with Vidant
Medical Center that uses a ground horsemanship based curriculum in conjunction with
group therapy. Participants will spend the first hour learning a horsemanship skill such as
grooming, leading, round penning, etc. and the second hour of the session is spent in a
group therapy session. Participants in this program have grown in confidence, have a
higher self esteem and lowered symptoms of anxiety and depression.

equine facilitated psychotherapy

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) is a ground-based activity that utilizes a Mental Health Therapist in conjunction with an Equine Specialist to help participants reach their therapeutic goals through partnership with the horse and learning horsemanship skills. It has been found that participants in EFP have achieved their goals 50% faster than those in traditional therapy sessions. EFP can be done in a group or private setting.

equine assisted learning

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a ground-based experiential learning approach in partnership with an educator that helps participants learn life skills and achieve educational, professional and personal goals through partnership with the horse and learning horsemanship skills. EAL is offered in both individual and group settings.


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