Midnight is an 8 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She is our first gaited horse at RHR. 


We are excited to add diversity to our herd!


Midnight spent the last few years as a trail and endurance horse for her previous owner.


Midnight is very friendly and wants everyone to be her friend. She has an inquisitive nature and not much bothers her, which will make her a perfect addition to our herd. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite treat is Fruit Loops.  She hopes you’ll bring her a box!  

Midnight getting a bath 6 2020.jpg

Lexi is a 12 year old Gypsy Vanner who came to RHR in 2018. She was originally imported from the United Kingdom as a yearling. Lexi spent her first 9 years as a brood mare in Tennessee.


Although she's still learning the ropes of how to be an EAAT horse, she is working hard in our ground school program and becoming more confident under saddle with our staff every day!


Lexi’s sweet personality and stunning appearance have won her many friends. She says she isn’t picky and she will eat any treat you bring her!

Midnight and Lexi 6 6 2020.jpg

Happy is a 19 year old Haflinger gelding, who spent his early years pulling a cart.


Happy's big personality includes daily conversations with anyone who will stop and chat. 


Happy works in many different programs including therapeutic riding, Equine Services for Heroes and Healing with Horses.


He can do it all from the most challenging participants to working on a lunge line with participants doing gymnastics on his back.


Happy loves all food but his favorite treat would have to be......soft peppermints!

Happy and Tracy 6 3 2020.jpg
Sassy 5 18 2020.jpg

Meet Sassy, our resident Barn Cat, who keeps the barn free of mice, snakes and other critters. And watches over our office desk, too.