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Gingerbread House Fundraiser

Curated by Gwendy's Goodies and Cakes by Rebecca

This year, Gwendy's Goodies in Ayden NC has selected RHR as the recipient of their Annual Gingerbread House Fundraiser!

Tickets are $5 and are available at RHR, Gwendy's Goodies, and online through our website! If you make an online ticket sale, please identify it is for the Gngerbread Raffle- and don't forget your phone number!

The winning ticket will will the Gingerbread house and will be announced LIVE on Friday, December 23rd at 10 AM!

Every ticket sale goes directly to RHR and we are all so appreciative of the partnership and community we have been fortunate enough to create with Gwendy's Goodies. Their support is far reaching, from Derby Dash Bash to volunteer events to this fundraiser. 
We appreciate any support given through this fundraiser!

Click on the DONATE tab or HERE to get your tickets!

And stop by Gwendy's Goodies in Ayden for all your delicious bakery needs!

Gingerbread House

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