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RHR Membership

1721 Blue Banks Farm Road​
Greenville,NC 27834

Derby Dash Bash 2017
2017 Derby Dash Bash sponsors and donors are listed on the Fundraising page.
Rocking Horse Ranch would like to thank the following businesses and individuals whose contributions have helped sustain the program in 2017 through donations to the general operating fund, Scholarship Fund, Spirit Fund, or Hearts for Horses.
Business Donors  
Andy's Charitable Foundation
Equus Foundation
GE Foundation
Greenville Area Property Management Assoc
Gregg and Kim Green
Hyster-Yale Group, Inc.
Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church
Jimmy John's
LuLaRoe/By Leggings LLC
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Nash Community College SGA
Pantana Bob's, Inc
Roanoke-Cashie Youth Dream Team
Sans Souci Book Club
St. James United Methodist Church
The Equus Foundation
The Oakwood School
University City Kiwanis Club
Individual Donors 
Anne Anderson                                
Arland Eyl                                         
Ashley Cooke                                   
Carolyn Shulzaberger
Dr.  & Mrs. Rick  Webb
Dr. &  Mrs. Steve Powell
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis McGee
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Monroe
Dr. & Mrs. John  Rose
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Van Houten
Dr. & Mrs. Moran
Dr. and Mrs. William Atherton
Dr. Cassandra Mehlhop
Dr. Kim  Osborne
Dr. Leslie Peedin
Dr. Robert Albrecht
Drs. Chad & Judy Wood
Drs. Lynne & Herb Garrison
Drs. S. Marcuard and K.   Shaw
Jennifer Galloway
Katie Sheets
Lillie Benson
Lind & C Swanson Graves
Linda Hooten
Lindbeck Family Trust
Louie & Suzanne Dixon
Mark and Kemper Warren
Melissa Spain
Miss Riley Springer
Mr & Mrs. Christopher Eyl
Mr & Mrs. Vic ( JoAnne)  James
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Strunk
Mr. & Mrs. Don  Rudolph
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Wissmann
Mr. & Mrs. Gaylan Finney
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cooke
Mr. & Mrs. James Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. James Whitehurst
Mr. & Mrs. Jim   Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. John Bacon
Mr. & Mrs. John Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Julius Budacz
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Soderstrom
Mr. & Mrs. L.M. Barnes
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fisk
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Paul  Fisk
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fisk
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Evans
Mr. & Mrs. W. Mark Green
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Adams
Mr. and Mrs. John Minges
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Mulligan
Mr. Charles Daeschner, III
Mr. Douglas Hodd
Mr. Hal  Garland
Mr. James Sullivan
Mr. John Savage
Mr. Lee Grubbs
Mr. Neil Dorsey
Mr. Peter Fisk
Mr. R.E. Davenport
Mr. Richard Goldston
Mr. Robin Bowen
Mr.Greg Stearns
Mrs. Jackie Rogerson
Mrs. Kristina Cudney
Ms Alicia Alton
Ms Amanda Waters
Ms Angela Bullock
Ms Britney Nichole Smith
Ms Ciska Harrelson
Ms Courtney Severance
Ms Diane Riley
Ms Heather Wills
Ms Jacqueline Thompson-Hlozek
Ms Katie Corey
Ms Kourtney Payton
Ms Monica Swinn
Ms Rebecca Lynn Harris
Ms Wan-Yu Lee
Ms. Alice Bost
Ms. Amy Waters
Ms. Anne Bennett
Ms. Ashley Cooke
Ms. Carol Neubert
Ms. Carolyn Shultzaberger
Ms. Eileen VanHouten
Ms. Ernie Spoor
Ms. Ginger Minges
Ms. Jane Reel
Ms. Janet Berry
Ms. JoAnne James
Ms. Laura Bardin
Ms. Marjorie Barnhill
Ms. Martha Dixon
Ms. Patricia Stauffer
Ms. Rose Marie  Lawrence
Ms. Sandra Rogers
Ms. Sheila Fratzke
Ms. Suzanne Smith
Ms. Terri Eakes
Ms. Terry McGowan
Ruth Spruill
Susan Doty

Scholarship Fund
In 2017-2018, the RHR Scholarship Fund was able to sponsor over 400 individual lessons for dozens of particpants. Thanks to the following organizations whose grants and donations have helped support our Scholarship Fund : The Equus Foundation, University City Kiwanis Club, and Women for Women Foundation for their grants and contributions for our Scholarship Fund.

Many thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Atherton who created the Lt Col Jack Atherton scholarship.  This scholarship will allow us to offer therapeutic riding lessons to a veteran who would otherwise be unable to afford to participate. The scholarship honors their grandfather, Lt Col Jack Atherton, who was in the USAF and a POW in Germany. He received the Purple Heart, among many other honors. Many thanks to former Executive Director Linda Moran, who continues to volunteer her time on behalf of our particpants and RHR by writing grants.
Operating Donations
Thank you to Andy's Charitable Foundation, Phoebe Dail, and the Greater Greenville Community Foundation for their grants to support RHR general operating expenses this year.  Thank you to Kiwanis Club of Greenville / University City for a grant which provided new helmets for our riders. Last but not least, thank you to the 110 high school, college and adult community volunteers who came to the barn every week and in the process donated 4,300 hours to help with lessons this year; without your efforts this program would not be possible

Capital Campaign Donors
Winner's Circle
Drs. Deanna Boyette & Chris Mann
Brooke McCray & Bill Coco
Linda & Eric Lindbeck
Linda & Jon Moran
Eileen & Peter Van Houten
Blue Banks Farm Homeowners Association
Pitt Memorial Hospital Foundation
Southern Bank and Trust
James J & Mamie Richardson Perkins Grust
Wells Charitable Trust
West Memorial Fund
Circle of 300
Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Barnhill
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barrett
Dr. Mary Jo Bertsch
Ms. Tonita Branan & Dr. Brad Brechtelsbauer
Mr. & Mrs. David Brown, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Chaplinski
Drs. Linda Kuhn & Timothy Clark
Mr. Hutton Cobb
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cooke
Dr. & Mrs. William Cox
Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Davenport
Mr. Syd Dunn
Drs. Lynn & Herb Garrison
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Griffin
Drs. Nancy Vogel & David Hannon
Mr. & Mrs. Alden Hart
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hoggard
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Jones, III
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kessler
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Kragel
Mr. & Mrs. Mill Kram
Mr. Brent Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Thad Lewis, III
Ms. Jacqueline Lindbeck
Dr. & Mrs. Ken MacDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Nichols
Ms. Roberta Pearson
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Perry
Dr. & Mrs. Steve Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rose
Dr. William Shelton
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Shultzaberger
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stokes, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Tate
Dr. & Mrs. M. Carney Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Tripp
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Williams
Jenni K Jewelry
The Allergy Center - Dr. Cassandra Mehlhop
Home Depot
Greenville Pathology, PA - Dr. William Balance
Foundation of Renewal for Eastern North Carolina - Mr. Philip Carroll
Paddock Club
Dr. & Mrs. Ron Allison
Dr. & Mrs. John Hale
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Lee Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCray
Ms. Wendy Price
Ms. April Shannon
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Stepp
Mr. & Mrs. Warner Wells
Wachovia Foundation
Starting Gate Sponsor
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Barondes
Ms. Shirley Clifton
Mr. & Mrs. Clark Everett
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Pestaner
Ms. Joanne Reilly
Dr. & Mrs. Julian Vainright